URBAN Mobility & us
Normative Approach to Sustainable Transport EcoSystem

Ronmas is a multinational team of experts who have come together to realize the goal of sustainable urban mobility. We offer multidisciplinary services across various modes. Our focus areas cover – transport by cable [cablecars/ropeways/people movers etc], urban rail, mainline railways and multimodal mobility systems.

We team up with our key international partners having extensive experience in a large number of multimodal
transport projects involving feasibility studies, design, construction, project management, installation/commissioning & post-commissioning services to deliver the desired solutions to you. Our partners are:

  1. E.R.I.C
  2. Consulting By MDP
  3. Dianeige

We adapt advance technology and 3D analysis to allow us to simulate the outcomes of decisions before they are
implemented on the ground.

We strive to offer pre-solutions using the latest technology so that before you commit to a solution, you have experienced and visualized its multifarious implications on the drawing board.