Bhaledhunga Ropeway Project
Project Management Consultancy

Project Description:

Sikkim Government, Tourism department had planned ropeway from Dhapper in Yang Yang area to Bhaley Dunga (Mountain Peak) to enhance tourism in the region and Sikkim as a whole.

The ropeway coming up from Dhapper (foot hill) to Bhaley Dunga (mountain Peak) is a Mono Cable De teachable Ropeway system. The ropeway carrying capacity is 400 person per hour deploying 18 cabins of an individual seating capacity of 8 passengers. It has 18 Towers in the toughest terrain, covered with thick forest.

The system is designed for a max speed of 6 m/s. However, the speed can be adjusted from 0-6 m/s. The ropeway technology conforms to latest European Standards and is supplied by M/S Poma, France – one of the leaders in ropeway and urban mobility systems

Our Scope and Approach:

Ronmas India Private Limited (RIPL) has been awarded the job of Project Management by the project proponent.

RIPL Scope:

• Assistance in topographical survey and freezing alignment of the ropeway.
• Obtaining a concept and location of stations and Towers from technology and equipments.
• Assistance to technology supplier to validate the position of stations and Towers.
• Assistance to client during civil construction.
• Assistance to client towards logistics, material transportation custom clearance.
• Assistance to client during erection of electro mechanical equipment and commissioning including load trial.
• Lastly the project Management , where to ensure the execution is on schedule with finding solutions to the irritants which come in any
projects smoothly.

Key Features:

• System: Mono Cable Detachable System
• Designed Capacity: 400 PPH
• Length: 3310 metres
• Vertical Rise: 1348 metres
• No of Cabins: 18
• Speed: 6 metres per second
• Main Haulage rope: 52 mm diameter
• No of Towers: 18
• Main motor: 530 KW

Project Cost Rs. 140 crores
Project completion date: June 2020