Feasability and impact study for an aerial Tramway

The project

The degradation of the road system and the increase in public transport quality Opening of 3 new metro station in Laval area in 2007), have made the use of public transport more attractive. The STL Transportation Laval Company) imagined a way to link Montmorency station and tarrefour Laval”, passing over the Agora, in order to desserve major poles of interests of the city. A capacity of 6000 people / hour in each direction was expected. it meant that the location of the project required considerable redesign of neighborhoods projects under development.

Our approach

The creation of an aerial tramway is part of an urban development plan. The Consortium has studied the possibility of creating such a system in downtown Laval. Our study is all inclusive: rules and regulations, traffic and usage, socioeconomic impact, public transport integration, technology analysis, insertion, environmental impact and impact on existing infrastructures, exploitation, maintenance, security, profitability analysis and other economic impact. This study demonstrates that an aerial tramway system is innovative and efficient. From a strictly regulatory point of view, this project – while unique in Canada – seems to be entirely feasible.
For Laval, the system will offer the ideal answer to the renovation and growth plans for downtown, as the population is predicted to double by 2015 and additional ways will be needed toward Montreal.

Key figures

Technology 3S with an intermediate station.
Length: 2460m / Speed: 7,5m/s
Debit 3200 pphpd
Journey: 7 mn 48 sec,
Stop: 41 sec Cabin’s
capacity: 30 places, air-conditioning, multimedia
Number of cabins (including spares): 24
Project cost: 105 M$ (42.7M$/km)
Annual exploitation and maintenance cost: 4,7M$/an (2012 Canadian dollars)