Feasibility study for Limeil-Bre’vannes, Valenton et Villeneuve- Saint-Georges Metrocable Conne

Project description

Given the real transport challenges faced by this district, this project proposes a link between the different urban areas of southern Creteil in the I le-de-France region. The existing densely built-up area, parceled by different infrastructures that would be very costly to cross with conventional means ( bridge, tunnel, overpass) naturally led to the studying of a cable transport solution. Based on the crossing limitations and service opportunities, the study showed preferential implantation zones, then a path and locations for the stations, and continued with an exact characterization of the stations and their integration into the urban fabric, as well as an analysis of the relevant technologies that could be used for this project.

Our approach

Comprehensive study with our project partner SYSTRA to define the transportation mode based on a “guide to cable transport in urban environments:’, as well as the paths. the building of the stations and the adaptations to be made to a conventional cable system in order to integrate it into an urban area.

Key Figures

– Length: 4540 m
-5 stations
-4 municipalities crossed
-Investment cost approx. 70 M€

Year : 2013
Partner : SYSTRA