Patnitop Ropeway Project
Project Management Consultancy

Project Description:

Jammu & Kashmir Government, Tourism department started with a concept of ropeway from Village Sanget, Chenani near Kud (Udhampur) to Karlah, Patnitop Hill Station for promoting tourism. However, with our involvement we transformed it into a total recreational park having not only ropeway but a magic carpet, Tubing Sledge, Zip Lines and Restaurants/ fun food parks at the bottom and top stations. The concept and validation was done through DIANEIGE and ERIC. The technology provider for the ropeway and associated equipment was by POMA SAS, France, for Zip Line FlyingFox and Magic Carpet & Tubing Sledge by TechFun France.

The ropeway installed from Village Sanget, Chenani to Karlah, Patnitop is a CEN Standard Mono Cable Detachable Grip Ropeway system. The ropeway carrying capacity is 600 person per hour deploying 18 cabins each 8 seater. It has 8 Towers, considers the highest in India for a ropeway. The high rising towers enables the ropeway to fly above the forest such that, not a single trees were cut for the project. This concept has been a trendsetter for the ropeway projects in India.

The transportation of construction material and equipment was very challenging in the tough terrain, covered with thick forest.
Haulage rope laying was the toughest part of the project however by our involvement we utilized the technology by utilising
drones were used to lay the pilot ropes.

Our Scope and Approach:

Ronmas India Private Limited (RIPL) was involved with the concept building and the job of Project Management by the project

RIPL Scope:

• Assistance in topographical survey and freezing alignment of the ropeway.
• Obtaining a concept and location of stations and Towers from technology and equipments.
• Assistance to technology suppliers to validate the position of stations and Towers.
• Assistance to client during civil construction.
• Assistance to client towards logistics, material transportation custom clearance.
• Assistance to client during erection of electro mechanical equipment and commissioning including load trial

Project Cost: Rs. 142 Crores
Project completion date: June 2019

Key Features:

• System: Mono Cable Detachable System
• Designed Capacity: 600 PPH
• Length: 2660 metres
• Vertical Rise: 645 metres
• No of Cabins: 18
• Speed: 5 metres per second
• Main Haulage rope: 52 mm diameter
• No of Towers: 8
• Main motor: 530 KW