Technical assistance for the refurbishment of the San Cristobal cable car

Project description

MDP Consulting was recently selected to carry out a technical assistance mission for the Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Park, with the objective of renovating and restarting the San Cristobal cable car that has been out of service since 2009 It’s an urban transport system that gives access to the highest point of Santiago, on the Cerro San Cristobal which has a beautiful panoramic view over the city and the Andean cordillera _ The shopping district located at its base, with its boutiques and restaurants , is well named : Bellavista.

Our approach

MDP Consulting assisted the Metropolitan Park with the establishment of an installation diagnosis before drafting the technical specifications for the lender which it organized in 2013_ Pursuant to the bid analysis, the contract was awarded to POMA The work should be performed in 201512016 and will notably include the use of the existing buildings . The SP4type cars will be replaced by 6-seat Diamond type cars.

Key Figures

• Year 201312014
• 3 stations
• Capacity of 1000 people per hour
• Total vertical climb of 209 meters
• 5-minute trip covering over 2 km
• 15 minutes shorter than the current bus trip