Feasibility study for an APV (Automated Peopl Mover) to serve the CHU (Hospital)

Project description

The initial question of Nimes Urban Community was “How to link the main reception area at the Hospital to dedicated lane public transport systems in Nimes, and more precisely to tram line 2?”

Our approach

The solution needed to integrate the specifications of the site: -Steep grade from the tram line, -24 hour a day operation, – Impossibility of partial interruption of service, – Taking into account conditions at the construction site and their compatibility with operations at CHU ( noise, dust, vibrations). It was also necessary to evaluate the technical requirements of an automated system compared to a conventional system using an electric shuttle, with regard to operating criteria, availability and cost. The conclusions of the study were to propose a 670m long APM, with two stops at each end of the line and two intermediate stops. This system, mechanically similar in every aspect to a cable car. is 100% automatic, like an elevator. Beyond its primary purpose to connect the main reception area at CHU to the tram stop, it was a technical solution which resolved the internal mobility needs of the CHU: serving the parking area for employees, medical faculty, and the CHU administrative center.

Key Figures

– 2 intermediate stops
-Length: 670 m ; vertical rise: 34m
-Capacity 990 pers/h
-Estimated cost: €11 M

Year : 2011
Partner : SYSTRA