Kangdori Chair Lift
A Turnkey Project

Project Description:

In 2011 Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation (JKSCCC) completed the installation of the Chair Lift which was inaugurated on 17th of September 2011. The project was executed by Ronmas India on turnkey basis. Costing Rs 18 crore, the chairlift has been manufactured by French firm Poma SAS, in conformation with the latest CEN standards. The chairlifts is perfect for hosting national and international ski events in Gulmarg. Mary Shoulder emerged as technically feasible spot for holding professional ski events.

The chair lift operates from Kangdori to Mary Shoulder with an Intermediate station at approximately midpoint for beginners. The Chair Lift has 90 chairs, each having capacity to accommodate four passengers. Covering a distance of 1601 meters, the chair lift has been designed in such a way so that the skiers can travel with their gear, including skies on. 1000 passengers can be ferried per hour at a fixed speed of 2.5meters per second. The ride can be completed in 11 minutes. The chair lift enhances the skiing infrastructure in Gulmarg and caters to the ever increasing ski tourist inflow.

Our Scope and Approach:

Ronmas India Pvt. Ltd. (RIPL) was awarded the job of execution on Turnkey Basis by the project proponent in 2009.

Key Features:

• System: Monocable Fixed Grip Chairlift
• Capacity: 1000 PPH
• Length: 1600 M
• Vertical Rise: 400 M
• No. Of Chairs: 90
• Chair: 4 seater
• Speed: 2.5 M/S
• No of Towers: 16
• Hauling Rope Dia:42 mm
• Main Electro Motor : 200 kw

RIPL Scope:

• Topographical survey and freezing alignment of the ropeway.
• Assistance to technology supplier to validate the position of station and Towers.
• Civil construction.
• Logistics ,material transportation and custom clearance
• Erection of electro mechanical equipment and commissioning including load trial.

Project Cost: 18Cr
Completion Date: September 2011