Feasibility study and technical assistance to the project manager for the Penfeld crossing

Project Description:

The project for the city of Brest solves a main transportation problem by connecting the downtown area to the plateau, using infrastructure that can be used by pedestrians and soft transit modes in a reasonable amount of time. This solution allows pedestrians to access Capucins from La Place de la Liberte three times faster.

Our Approach:

The project must meet the following objectives: – Easy access for users with connecting stations between the different modes of transport located as close as possible. As a result, the downtown cable car station needs to be positioned close to the Francais Libres” tram stop, which is located on rue de Siam. -Limited impact on the existing buildings and a seamless integration of the system. All of the systems must be included within the existing area with minimal disruption. – Reduced impact on the surrounding area, including the level of noise. – Dual functioning tool: Access for daily use and to reach tourist destinations. The cable car should be a new way to discover the city, be attractive for leisure trips, but remain practical for daily use by residents and those working in the Capucins area.

-Length: 490m
-Maximum ground clearance: 60m
Capacity: 1,200 passengers/hour/direction
Partner: EGIS